Sitting on the hotseat of a Trident, even a cool anti-inflammatory lemon of a performer gets a little up'd. Between the gods and demons of a job, no matter what the station of life you are posted in, noninflammatory presence puts a seamless stitch in time that saves nine or ninety.

Performers are the pillars of the Earth.

Performers are caretakers.

Caretakers need maintenance so they can continue to care well enough nonviolently.

Peace and harmony require nonviolent caretakers.

Performers, true performers with a mettle that matches their salt, require maintenance of their care so they can continue to perform sufficiently, bearing and bettering what they care about. Caretaker Syndrome is a concern every parent, healthcare practitioner, teacher, security personnel, administrator, et al face at some point or the other but do not voice out or find sufficient support. With non-vegetarian food not helping the consequent inflammation, love from where care emerges becomes contaminated by preexisting wounds in people's psyche. Hate is also care, only the love has gone sour from insufficient maintenance. Like a machine needs maintenance for adequate performance, performers need to breathe, heal, live, and love again as a recovery from what it takes to care as a maintenance practice so they can continue to care well enough.

This Course shows people how to maintain their care well enough safely, nonviolently, while being centered in their own 'me-ness' and their reason for being in existence.

This Course also shows people how to organically maintain health and to be a mindful winner in quality of Life. Some people call it the Practitioner Neutral. MI World calls it the requisite to be a humane being.

This Course is highly recommended for people who have come for a Meristem Intelligence®️ Therapy session with Bitha Sadanandan at some point in time as they are already primed towards becoming humane beings. This Course augments the integrative multifaceted layered learning that they are already enabled with. Those who haven't come for a Therapy session get a learning that just is at a different level of iterative progression. Every time a Student returns to this Course, the benefits iterate.

This Course is also a FlagShip Course into the health/wealth/wisdom-maintenance practice that is Nirbeeja Yoga®.

Violence is a symptom

Violence of any kind causes inflammation. Where there is a wound, there is some symptom of inflammation. Acting out from one or more of the 6 signs of inflammation - redness, fluid buildup {tears too are fluids!}, pain, sounds, heat, swelling {tumour} - causes further violence. People know about their wounds or not, but signs of inflammation, be it in a person or the communities, are symptoms of wound(s) somewhere awaiting healing.

Humpty-Dumpty did not know how to keep it together and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty-Dumpty together again either, and that's how violence remained.

Learning to have a noninflammatory presence using the un-obtainium of 'nothing' supplies a balm where pills and ointments cannot reach, and where awaits a gurgle of life to spring forth an original new. You could be the one within whom is this gurgle, if only you can learn to have a noninflammatory presence.

Excerpts from the Course


A postural problem!

A condition in being human

Opportunity in being humane

A journey of 1000+ steps begins with the first step of purchasing a Ticket.

Expected Transformation from taking this Course:

  • Have a destination that is ongoingly inspiring enough for you to want to get there and keeps you going in the healthy general direction of it already.
  • Get your healthy resilience up so you have your 'mojo' on in getting there. Become stronger in integrity.
  • Be able to handle overwhelm nonviolently.
  • Be able to maintain focus using nothing.
  • Healthify imagination such that you continue to care enough about what you care about.
  • Maintain curiosity as a healthy precursor to honesty, authenticity, studentship and genuine connections for wellbeing.
  • Be able to care enough even when others are losing it and blaming it on you or don't think you are the one good enough to be doing it. Be able to care enough noninflammatorily in the face of no-agreement or support.
  • You learn how to care enough in a way that stands the test of time and makes a difference in a world aching for some care.

You never know how far you can go once you care enough to commit and know how to continue to care enough. For that, you need to be able to keep it together long enough to care appropriately, sufficiently and not lose it in the face of 'inflammation'/no-care/toxic-positivity/toxic-negativity!

This Course shows you how.

The Best is in the making.

Since iteration is the Master of Perfection, snail-pace becoming on en'lightening' mode is our Speciality. Most people cannot see a plant growing except on a time-lapse checkin/video, you see? We call it mindful living.

PS: Lightening means 'weightless'ness' so you have a buoyant butterfly-like lightness that is necessary to maintain the heavyduty of happiness! Happiness is not for the faint-hearted. Some people call it 'goating' the worthy mountains in becoming a mature individual.

Also, since this Course is a physiological difference in the evolution of human beings to humane beings, this is History in the making. The EarlyBirds get to see History becoming better while in the making so you have the frontrow seat and also get to have a say in the bettering process.

News Bulletin!

People around the world are watching MITI BayBe grow {MITI BayBe is MI Logo}. This Course is one of the limbs MITI BayBe started growing in holding the world together into a stabler humaner EarthFamily. As we started developing this Course, it became obvious that people with noninflammatory presence needed to live in a humaner society, else they could get affected like CERN pelting particles because they don't know better.

So, we started making a spate of collateral Courses to enable the growth of humane societies in which people with noninflammatory presence can live, supporting and facilitating humaner societies.

Since all of these Course and social media thought-seeding for humaner societies are complementary to each other, we decided to post one Lecture on this Course per month.

Here's a dekko into what, why, how about this Course

This is a prelim into what is in the make. As a presales offer, we intend to give you a taste of what is in the make with a chance to purchase the entire Course at a nominal price as an EarlyBird Benefit. Of course, everything including this video is crude and needs lot of work before it gets as perfect as we would like it to be but iteration has its magic, and the EarlyBird gets to see that magic and the learning that is available from being part of that creative journey that a finished Product consumer may not have available.

We learnt over the last year at least that it is best to inform the developmental progress so people have a chance to dig in and taste what is in the make. This is the EarlyBird pre-sales offer and at a price available only until March end. We are trying to keep things affordable so your purchase now would also give you a say in the higher standards of quality this Course can provide through your participation already. Looking forward to interacting with you from the inside.


My name is Bitha Sadanandan.

On the upfront, do not be daunted by the big English words used on this Page. We all have our plus and minus points, and vocabulary may be my both. I am better to understand and interact with in person than through a written text.

I am a person with a partial cleft palate and tongue-tie that cannot be seen from the outside. I may also be a chimera from a disappearing twin when my mother was pregnant with me, which is hypothesized to be as high as 10% of the total human population. I also am a BCST practitioner trained to be sensitive to the breath of life in facilitating health organically, and that sensitizes me to the light and dark sides {visible and invisible} as the polarized dynamics of life. Over time, I may have become an INFJ empath owing to my unique predisposition in the schema of things with all of the above, and that is less than 2% of the total human population. I also hit the Savior Personality on Enneagram after having run around that Wheel differently at different points in time. {I have no idea what Number I would hit now on that Wheel but I certainly intend to be on the good side of all those numbers just to keep the quality figures as is required for the Work that I do, so I stopped counting, preferring largely to stay on 0! Talk about job pressure!}. I would hit existential identity issues every so often and in finding answers to questions most did not know because they did not face the problems I faced, I went into a spate of vocational trainings putting the puzzle pieces together on what had life work and what was missing the presence of which makes a difference in the experience of living for me, people around me and for generations to come both contemporary and in the future. Reinventing the wheel is a way of living for me consequently.

I, hence, have professional training as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, somatic experiencing practitioner, and family constellator with a sophisticated blend of aikido-yoga, shamanic journeying and Buddhist mindfulness in searching for answers to existential questions. My anatomical and occupational disposition has me be prononviolence, stillness and silence with a predisposition for reinventing the wheel due to necessity but society functions with legalized and illegalized violences and activities. The disparity between the two can be quite a recipe for autoimmune disease, so hula hooping the HoopYogini style initially kept my inert invisible nature stirred so I have a fine balance between my idea of violence and non-violence. Over time, I could not handle the hula-hooping and instead started watching the spinning happening around me without even the Hoop, kind of like Mr. J.Rumi's version of whirling dervish.   

I am primed to heal violence of the self, and ‘nothing’ is the only thing I find facilitates nonviolence as the foundational base for Life infinitely. I, hence, am duty-bound to help heal the fabric of time and space, and help in the evolution of human beings to the next stage of human evolution – a humane being. I call the technology involved in this as MITI BayBe – Meristem Intelligence Technological Institute, where ‘Institute’ stands for the principles and tenets involved in becoming and being humane individually and societally. BayBe is akin to 'personal cove in and by which to be a humane being.'

Ancient religious scriptures and study of human history across time and space adds a fascinating blend of flavours to my understanding of what it means to be human, and what it takes to become a humane being. Hopefully, you are fascinated equally by what it takes to become originally You on a journey of peace and truth towards SoulSatisfaction. 

This Course is Phase 1 into being able to live life from non-violence in maintaining health, wealth and wisdom. This is how I put myself together in a world that has forgotten how to live nonviolently and has several levels of legalised violence practices to maintain health and quality of living. With more people practising to live life humanely and truly nonviolently, I am hoping that I would not have to put myself together as often as I am having to now , and that we would have a truly humane society.