Samasthiti is a foundational poise in the practice that integrates mind, consciousness and perceptions into a conscience akin to a tree-like poise that is called yoga. Jaya Parvathi Vratha, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ style, ennobles the tree {of life} such that worthy fruits of labor come about without use of any sounds or things so that the light of truth {makara jyothi} enlivens the prayer.

Course Curriculum

{This Course is in developmental stage. This is an Advanced course and would best be appreciated in value when well-versed with basics and intermediate developmentals required to have what it takes to learn the content in this Course. This Course could be a stock-investment for future when Student is ready enough for it as the price may go up.}


My name is Bitha Sadanandan.

I found it weird that an integrative practice called yoga is having people go through so much stress and animal poises in maintaining being human. I also thought the whole of yoga as a practice is about suryanamaskar - the sun within - from which emerges the smile, and people did not seem to be smiling while practicing asanas. I, hence, carefully looked at the practices going the rounds in the name of yoga instigated by the one textbook on yoga, Yoga Sutra, that I was required to read in the Teacher Training Curriculum to become a HoopYogini. I found the texts were most probably not read as well as they needed to be or that they were transliterated so much that the original meaning was lost in translation. Being a BCST practitioner, I connected the dots across practices, textbooks and discussions and arrived at Nirbeeja Yoga®️, which even the religious texts seem to agree with in a prophetic manner as there to arrive at.

This Course encapsulates the findings to arrive at the foundational poise of samasthiti with a MITI difference.