Meristem Intelligence®️ is MI way of insuring the future of MI children is healthy, wealthy, wise by a systematic investment plan in world peace. We, at Meristem Intelligence®️, are supplementing sufficient vitamins of care in our economy though our Care Enough movement so EarthFamily can over time develop #humanityacrossboundaries.

Meristem Intelligence®️ incorporates the intangible heritage of Life handed down through the generations that inform our cultures and traditions of how best to live life.

It is about developing the salvager conscience (Salvator Mundi) required to live in the universe held together by this life-sustaining Earth that is Terabithiya in a way that springs health, wealth and wisdom time-sustainably.

Did you know that 70% of tourism around the world is spiritual tourism and all that just to experience grace, beauty and innocence as 'liberation' from the sin, guilt, 'dukha' there is in/from everyday moments of living?

Like a fabric that gathers dust, grime and whatnots that mar clarity and originality, our body gets precipitated with memories, substances, relationships from experiences of living.

Hearts/bodies close, like fabric layered with grime, making it difficult to breathe, care and express love freely. #humanityacrossboundaries becomes an issue with a list of diseases to deal with and people having to stand with guns across borders to protect humans within.

With years of conditioning and surviving violence, we have gotten so 'outstanding' that we dont know how to be at the centre of everything that is our own life from which to humanely live {nonviolently}. People and societies being in different stages of development on the Kubler-Ross change curve, evolution of life gets affected when stuck in one stage for too long. Since a person is as much a microcosm of the macrocosm and a person is the smallest unit of a society, a humane being is the next stage in human evolution.

This School teaches best practices from interdisciplinary fields of study that together forms a basis for becoming a humane being. You learn the Art of Peace/Nothing as an ontological/phenomenological baseline that heals developmental issues while gently homing into one's self, one's life and one's body as the family home from which to live harmoniously, organically, humanely.


All Courses in this School gets updated for value and quality over time as further discernment and development comes about consistent with Hippocrates' Oath and the Modern Oath of Physicians as discerned by Dr. Lasagna. Fine-tuning is an iterative process unto perfection and consistent with the Vision and Mission of this School. Updates would be free of cost. Students are recommended to regularly visit the Courses for updates on methods and for fine-tuning personal practice. An email would be sent out for any major updates.

Note Note:

All Services and Courses in this School {and all Products of this Enterprise} are already at 50% discount, and that's the only deal this Enterprise maintains and has maintained with Life as the organizing animating principle, which is why this Enterprise is about premium lifecare by healthcare, wisdom and wealthcare at affordable price.

{It has been noted quite often that the longer a person is invested in this School, better are the returns.}


Terabithiya - an 'is'land where normal, ordinary human beings living on Earth are at Work taking care of Earth as home by maintaining #humanityacrossboundaries.


The immediate objective of this Enterprise is to bridge the gap between subjective and objective worlds. The shortterm objective is to bridge the gap between history and herstory. The longterm objective is the eradication of diseases and sanitization of 'nonviolence' in our domestic homes for a truly love-based economy.

We kind of work on the longterm first so the other term objectives get fast tracked too. All this through premium healthcare, wealth and wisdom {lifecare} at affordable price.

We have a basket weave of Products

All Natural Products tweaked a bit to suit the tastes of the likes of the 21st Century. It may or may not seem like it but we are catching up to the trends and then setting some of our own. It has taken forever for us to make these Products. It is basically 4 industry-first innovations, like a four-petaled clover leaf - Nirbeeja Yoga, DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction, Meristem Intelligence Therapy {Salvator Mundi} and Connect. that meanders through all our produce.

Sample some as you scroll along..

Videos speak 10000 words!

We're all born to have fun. Innocent, responsible, graceful fun often goes out of focus as an essential ingredient in our everyday dishes of life. Dis-ease is a consequence of not-much-genuine-smile syndrome. New's, healthy new's, bring some of the wower back into everyday fun. Sample our promo news'r for a bit of something you may never have thought there was that to have. Our Courses come loaded with such news.

Coaching For Mastership

We offer a range of individual and group coaching and/or consulting services for those committed to 'goating' the worthy mountains by at least being humane beings.

We find this is the least required qualification for timelessly being counted amongst the respected, honored, dignified performers.

MITI BayBe Kitchen!

{Peace in the pot nine days old}

Our Creative Process

Our School is like the Royal inner chambers of a Beehive {Be hive}. Royal jelly is in the making for the MITI BayBe's joining our School.

We heard McDonald's makes its game-changing recipe from choice ingredients sourced from choice places, compounded separately in separate places and then brought together in a unique combination known only to a very few. We, on the other hand, cook our ingredients from available resources contemplated at different times by different people across time and space, processed differently at different times and then cured day and night through alchemical processes using nothing until the essence of the topics under consideration congeals to form concepts by which known paradigms of thoughts and philosophies are compared and evaluated against and solutions brought about to existing problems in what would be called Applied Science for Nonviolent Living. It happens one moment at a time, one breath at a time, one step at a time over several years. Historical mommies would call it "peace in the pot nine days old." {No idea how many nine days old coz we stopped counting after some time as we were counting only from 0 to 10 in repeat, our focus being on quality.} It has taken 42 years of this lifetime to be putting up what we are currently onto public forums and into our School. The topics we have been contemplating upon are ones which people across time and space have been since maybe when mankind began documenting thoughts about such things. So, it is fair enough to say we have been making ‘honey’ from several kinds of blooms and are now making royal jelly from all these for our MITI BayBe students.

The Best is in the making, you see? That's how MITI BayBe World moves history forward for the better. Thunder and lightening on snail-pace with Mr.Rabbit of Wonderland to keep us on our toes with his timekeeper. It is a Meristem Intelligent way of living. It is a MITI Advantage!

Here are some of our Basix that turn our Wheels

We make new music. Listen..

You may hear the SoundsOfSilence that we call Mookaambika raaga.

People say nice things about our Products. Here's a sample

"I feel de-stressed, better relaxed with new clearings for new thought processes happening effortlessly. Relaxed."

~ Swapna

"I never experienced such an engagement from any kind of bodywork therapist and this gave me the feeling to be in very safe hands. :)"

~ Mayden

"I felt better after them, better in the sense of more connected to the present. The sessions helped me integrate things I rejected before."

~ Kora

Subscribers get to have the cake and eat it too!

Subscribers board our MemberShip.

We have Four waterways through the Oceans that moat MITI World - Nirbeeja Yoga, DharmaPada For SoulSatisfaction, Meristem Intelligence Therapy (Salvator Mundi) and Connect.

Subscription long enough leads to the 10 gateways {Dwaraka} that leads by 10 pathways that needs to be tread up and down a few times by different vehicles until a person is well enough to walk on two feet to cross the bridge to Terabithiya at the centre of which is MI House - a delicate glasshouse that cannot withstand the inadvertent pelting by subhuman violent constitutions. One needs to be able to sit in MI House and have sips of water by which to become MITI BayBe long enough to be meristem intelligent. All roads lead to Terabithiya.

Subscribers get exclusive discounts, offers, dots of information specific to the MemberShip chosen to Subscribe to by which to become the chosen ones {MITI BayBe} to light the torch that betters the existing.

MyArt on Patreon

Subscribe to MyArt on Patreon to experience content created behind-the-scenes that represents some of the 'method behind the madness' that Meristem Intelligence may seem to be to people in different levels of initiation.

Excerpts from upcoming literary Works, doodles, creative process, excerpts from behind-the-scenes in Course creation, other art works en route are some of the things that would be put out regularly.

Courses and Offerings are at different stages of development, so what may not already be found in what is offered here would be in some inchoate way found on Patreon, so there really is something in here for Everybody.


My name is Bitha Sadanandan.

I am a certified clinical healthcare documentation specialist and a biodynamic craniosacral therapy practitioner-facilitator. I have trained in several schools integrating mind, body, spirit, soul, consciousness, conscience and have life-experiences that inform my Work on what it takes to become and be a humane being.

Fed up of all the different kinds of violences, both legalized and illegalized, this School is my way of attempting to make the world a better place to live in through nonviolence and organic harmony as the underlying motto.

I love helping people win, like ‘last the test of time, make the creator proud for having created you and you be proud of who you have turned out to be’ kind of win.

Let’s get started!