This Course is what it takes to refind oneself and gradually get comfortable living within one's skin as the heart of one's life.

Truelove is experienced once the 'being' in the human body is in love with life humanely.

After introducing you to basics of this movement-less method of yoga, this Course gradually takes you though practices for cleansing, detoxifying and decontaminating different aspects of you using no thing such that there is a returning experience to one's original 'me' self.

This is a basic Course to the experience of Nirbeeja Yoga®. Advanced practices can be experienced and appreciated the way they need to be only when the basics are well learned and returned to periodically for cleansing and clarification. Over time, learnings distill to the simplicity that is the artless art of Nirbeeja Yoga® for living a normal ordinary harmonizing life.

Hi, I’m Bitha Sadanandan

Time and time again, I notice that life moves when I move. Things happen when I am at the root cause of a better, and I find that I matter in the grand schema of things because I have a body that is human and that I have a life worthy of a blessing when lived from within the humane framework of my skin.

Being a body intelligence facilitator-therapist, through my clinical practice, I have been studying people of different age groups who come for therapy sessions. In recovering from caretaker syndrome and maintaining my own health as a healthcare facilitator, I find that 'being me' is a concern most people, if not everybody, face in daily life on an everyday basis. This Course addresses that concern from my learnings en route