Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is a therapeutic cum self-maintenance practice that requires no muscle movement, sounds, visualization or use of any thing. It has wholistic health-maintenance practices that cultures love by dissolving past-experience-based impressions and beliefs that maintains gaps between mind, body, spirit, consciousness, conscience. It also has dis-ease healing functions that are nonverbal therapeutic and integrates intrinsic harmonies and facilitates organic evolution of a person into next stages of developmental milestones.

It is a single multifaceted practice that moves through stages of advancement as per readiness of a practitioner where during the advancement, the practitioner moves through stages of development. Quality of life and experience of living becomes better as the practitioner moves through advancement in awareness through the appreciation of this artless art.

There are practices in it for moments of work so that a person does not get lost in the crowd or activity. It also has practices for moments of rest when repair, rejuvenation and maintenance is required to restore and vivify the experience of being oneself so that health and experience of living is refreshed.

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My name is Bitha Sadanandan.

I am a Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapist with specific trainings in nonviolence and mindfulness-based practices to facilitate organic humane stages of development such as the practice that is Nirbeeja Yoga®️ of which I am the Founder. My Enterprise, Meristem Intelligence®️, aims at providing premium healthcare and lifecare at affordable price so that people organically nonviolently evolve into the next stage of human evolution - a humane being.

For the miles in genuine smiles..Peace.

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