We were born through this narrow space between the legs. We sit on the surfaces afforded by the bones that girdle this sacred space that gives rise to new life, be it male or female.

It is also our dirty secret that we hide behind layers of clothing and would not be 'civil' to talk openly without discretion about.

A lot of untalkable experiences happen between the 2-3 holes that our underwear safely keeps under covers, both good and bad, that needs periodic sanitisation for the hygiene of our life to be domestic, humane and nonviolent.

Maintaining this basic living area of our body home helps us stand 'up'right well enough to be a respectable human being in content, quality and emotion.

Chaddi/Underwear makes Man super

It has taken millions of years for the underwear to get formulated. Keeping it on the way it needs to be - covering the butt - is what helps the animal get 'upright' enough to be human and maintaining the centre of gravity within the underwear.

Hi! My name is Bitha Sadanandan.

I got abused as a child; can't be sure by whom. I thought males are hormone-driven animals as I grew up until I figured females are no less. I, then, went through a phase where I probably was fed ginseng to keep me performing sufficiently to keep my job as an office employee but I was getting more androgynous as a side effect, and that helped the scientifically oriented me to observe and study the hormonal condition of being human more closely. I figured more answers to why we have the objective and subjective divides to how we see the world, and what is missing the presence of which would make a difference in experiencing domestic humane nonabusive societies.

This Course contains {iteratively upgraded} the found solution in maintaining being human - pelvic breath!

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