My name is Bitha Sadanandan. I am the Founder-facilitator of this Enterprising School designed to enable the evolution of people into the next stage of human evolution - a humane being. I have 20+ years of professional working experience as a medical transcriptionist, about 13 of which as a Quality Assurance Specialist, with professional mandate for maintaining patient data privacy per HIPAA. While employed, I cross-trained to become an active healthcare provider through multiple therapeutic modalities and have a clinical practice from which the Enterprising School derives substance.

I play the role of a catalyst in bridging the gap between what it means to be human and what it could mean as a humane being in bettering the quality of experience of living in a way that is organically sustained by the test of Time since time immemorial.

We are in trying situations. This is a sentence that is true no matter what time of day or season because each moment presents us with challenges that requires us to be present enough to address the problem appropriately. Like this Course, for example, where we meet on this new Platform in a format that may or may not be familiar to you but presents the opportunity to learn and experience something new, something that may not have been known before.

What does this Course contain:

  • pre-recorded engaging videos
  • an experiential learning engagement that carries with you on and off course
  • in-depth industry-first content guided by clinical and research-based development.

I invite you to try and appreciate the different aspects of this Course like inspecting details of an unknown journey. Look, listen, appreciate the overall view and then also zoom in to the finer details and savour the words, nuances in your own time, when you are ready. You may notice somethings that may otherwise not be possible. Appreciation usually has that effect. It is going to take some time but then that is also part of what it takes to have an anti-inflammatory presence - appreciation.

Now, here are a few details related to the vocabulary on this Course. It may change later but it is good to have a language layout to begin with so that our language landscape can take shape from mutually understandable points of reference:

Each Participant would be referred to as Student. This Course is laid out as per the Teachable platforms software structure and uses the words used to identify key features of the software. Hence, the Course is made of a series of Sections within which would be found a few Lectures. Each Lecture has within it material in the form of videos or text or pdf or in other format that would best help get us to the intended outcome of this Course, which is to have an Anti-inflammatory Presence in having nonviolent humane domestic experiences.

As the Student goes through the content in this Course, experiences and activities of daily living outside of this Course naturally inspires practice in different environments and therein would arise challenges or variables to what has been presented in these Lectures. Student is suggested to contact me with questions, doubts, variables and challenges as they may arise so that we can smoothly integratively journey closer to what you have started on this Course to accomplish - have an Anti-inflammatory Presence for nonviolent humane domestic experiences in 6 months.

Please head over to the video in which is a brief overview of some of the things we would be covering in this Course. It may set a context to your participation and maybe inspire a few questions that you may want answered during the course of this Course. Thank you for your participation thus far. Look forward to hearing from you.

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