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He said to them, 'You seem to know the self of all men in different ways, and you eat food. But the one who worships the self of all men limb by limb, as identified with himself, eats food in all worlds, in all beings, in all selves.
'The head of the self of all men is 'Radiant;' his eye is 'Having All Shapes;' his breath is the self as 'Travelling Far And Wide;' his body is 'Abundant;' his bladder is 'Wealth;' the earth is his feet; his chest is the altar; his body hair is the grass-strewing; his heart is the Garhapatya fire; his mind is the Anvaahaaryapachana fire; his mouth is the Aahavaniiya fire.'

~ Chandogya Upanishad, verse 18, 1 and 2 ('The Upanishads,' Translation and Introduction by Valerie J. Roebuck)

Our human body has been studied anatomically and physiologically through many perspectives over the years. Curiosity may have been one of the reasons, search for a cure from diseases may have been cause for another explorer, learning to put oneself back together may have been cause for another. Depending on the 'why' for studying, different textbooks formed explaining the anatomy and physiology of our human body. Many perspectives resulted from which our body has been appreciated. Ayurveda, for example, has one perspective of how our body is structured and functions, allopathy has another perspective, reichi has another perspective, et al.

This Course appreciates our body from a humane perspective, where even a cell is regarded as a person. The Verse above reflects the thought that this is not a new idea; that such thoughtlines were prevalent amongst ancient inquirers at a time when technology had not the advantage of the internet as we have now for uniform dissemination of such ideas and hence different practitioners of yoga formed, and our Countries across Continents formed boundaries awaiting for the heart to come together and so also our body from a wholistic perspective when what it means to be human would come home to what it has originally meant to be, as would also the Book of Genesis allude to through the idea of the Garden of Eden.

It may be amusing sometimes but interesting how our outlook on life changes when the narrative of what our body is changes. From a person-centric model of the universe where a person's body is regarded as a family and a home in and by itself, maybe some of our mannerisms, automatic reactions, idiosyncracies and a lot of unexplained happenings find explanation when our body is looked at from an out-of-the-box perspective {from an inside-out perspective}.

Maybe our body seems like 'object' like or a sum of machine parts put together, and seem more like how we feel about life when we open our eyes every morning unaware of how our body is but we feel 'in one piece' and then there is the day/life and its challenges to deal with, some of which are body-based challenges. Maybe disease, then, would be seen as a perspective or a health challenge, not a 'disease disease' or 'problem' or maybe even an 'opportunity for solving other problems.'

Hop along and lets have an Alice-in-Wonderland journey discovering this very same piece of equipment we have been living all our lives with from a new perspective.

Oh! By the way, I am Bitha Sadanandan. Originator of this school and of my Enterprise, Meristem Intelligence®️. I am, basically, a practicing clinician from primarily BCST school of health facilitation with a romantic heart and quirky restless turn of mind who peek-a-booed into just about every field of interest available to me for exploration {with an internet window that opened a world of possibilities my curious imaginations did not know there was to discover until I Eureka'd}. As you can see, I have a careful disregard for language and structure for the sake of something greater that I use words and language to point towards that a lot of people are not speaking about or are unable to speak about. I then blended my findings and believe-it-or-not explanations for a lot of questions, such as 'why is the sky blue?' in answers and Courses and Programs that make up what I call MI World (Meristem Intelligence®️ World) that informs and is informed by the science of how I put things together that I think people call 'conscience' - a conglomerate of several sciences. Way too many fields of study have theories and how-tos readymade for me to stitch together and say why things work. Not many people seem to be saying things the way I am or seeing life from these perspectives, so I have this School to wower power our blues into original humane intelligence. It is time we had #humanityacrossboundaries anyways. This Course forms from some of that 'pathological optimism' I have tended to bounce along with. Maybe it will gurgle a new spring in your life?

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