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“We are, each, a drop of the Ocean and some of us are the Ocean in a drop if we have come to self-realization.” Nevertheless, being water is perhaps one of the most difficult activities in our everyday experience of living; we keep becoming different identities and of different charges, and forget to be a universal solvent that pure clean water is! Nirbeeja Yoga®️ helps with being just pure clean water. Afterall, Mr.Bruce Lee kindly advised, “Be water, my friend” and water happens (?) to be the elixir of life, not the Martian fire or Venusian ice.

The following is the transcript of the audio for visual reference. Please use a translator either on the text or audio if unable to understand.

(Update not found in audio: Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is a method of cultivating truelove during everyday moments of living. There are casual observances and there are intense maintenance observances. There are also observances during specific activities of daily living that makes doing these activities productive and progressively efficient for the time, effort and energy invested in the activity.)

Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is fundamentally a nothing-based yoga. It is also fundamentally a movement-less method of yoga that requires no sounds, no visualization, no violence/force or use of any thing. Here nothing alludes to a gradual weaning from thing/object-based modes of function to subject-based modes of function and then returning back to objects/thing such that there is a third/unconconscious or fourth/thought-less relationship to object and subject that some call 'blink' or 'intuition' but is a zippy yogic (not just logic) that spruces one's experience of living into zero as ground of being and becoming. One's placement in the schema of things becomes easier to comprehend as 'time-space relative' so one is not lost in the matrix of things/objects and lose the objective of being in existence, instead has a means to get found by oneself and others, and how one gets found makes a difference in how long one continues to 'be' at a level. The direction the course of one's life takes depends on shuddhikaran or the practice in this method of yoga of sanitizing the sukha and dukha (light and heavy/dark/shadow) aspects of one's self/life such that truelove precipitates as the elixir of life that keeps getting good as the quality of truelove is enriched through progressive cultivation. This progressive cultivation brings truelove-based harmony internally and in the world outside as one arrives at one's true purpose in being alive (leading a normal, ordinary, life placed in the set of circumstances one is employed in as one's vocation).

Said another way, it is how to shake off being infectious corrosive/destructive/disruptive corona (demonic or goddish in attitude/behavior) and be a 'being' that is human.

It is a single multifaceted practice that involves mindfulness (awareness, presence, living-in-the-moment practices) advaithic love, and do-the-right-thing practices by which to maintain immortality (non-detraction/nondecaying from one's harmonious wholesomizing evolutionary right path through normal, ordinary/nonviolent, truelove-based living).

Doing the right thing requires energy of body, mind and spirit. The right energy to do the right things comes from a growth, nonviolence and care-based diet (meristematic diet) and also from dissolving pastlife-based karma that greases a person's essential oil making the body vehicle difficult to be glorious (bha-ratha). It also involves drinking liquid love (water) that is the elixir of life. All of the above maintained in a continuous stream of conscience (truelove by which to do the right things) ennobles a person and his/her life by dharmendriya karma and karmendriya dharma (thought ennobling action and action ennoblling thought whereby the database of intelligence keeps wholesomizing into better grounds for being and becoming). It would be the ultimate Art of Peace when the practitioner is able to seed new Earth(s) or new Universe(s) in the fabric of time and space {Aranyaka} from healing violence in the fabric of time and space from within the body and thereby sanitizing dharma as the ground for being and becoming humane.

This method of yoga arises from a person-centric model of the Universe wherein a person is a 10-brained human and hence possible to go through the dashavathara cycles (dashavathara+dashami cycles irrespective of gender) several times during a person's lifetime in the course of becoming humane (being human) as a goal from having life in a human form wherein several vocations are available as pathways to becoming human where all of life's forms are aiming to becoming human (humane being) as a physis of the lifecycle.

The human body we have is already a wealth (ishvarapranidhana) formed through generations of evolution. Our human body is designed to move; there is movement happening even while we are not moving a muscle, such as heartbeat, respiratory rhythms, the pulse of life within as the animating principle of our body that we call lifebeat, et al. Over and above this, we have voluntary muscles by which we do activities of daily living. In other words, our body is designed to maintain yogic namaste between voluntary heat-producing functions {Sun or Ha} and involuntary cooling functions {Moon or Tha) when diet, lifestyle and activities are consistent with maintaining being human and mindfully evolving consistent with our conscience (ishvarapranidaana). Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is a practice to maintain the body disease-free without needing to move a muscle and if there happens to be disease, to restore original health in a progressively organic manner whereby any deviation from what is 'normal' for a human being is restored so body continues to function in yogic meditation.

The benefits available from a step-wise advancement through this method of yoga are listed below:

  • Detoxification, decontamination and detangling of impressions from influences so discernment of rice from chaf becomes possible.
  • Discernment of rice from chaf with regular practice of Nirbeeja Yoga®️ evolves Karma or impressions/influences on our mind, body, thoughts, emotions, consciousness and conscience formed from actions done during interactions with people, objects and circumstances in the course of daily living.
  • Evolution of impressions/influences healthifies our imagination, dreams for the future, choices we make consistent with our dreams and quality of relationships we maintain in fulfilling those dreams. (Dharmendriya karma and karmendriya dharma.}
  • With regular practice, a muscle of conscience develops which ennobles the soul and builds character by which to continue caring enough to do the harmonious right things so dreams formed from truelove becomes possible reality. It becomes easier to stand by the vulnerability in maintaining truelove and in doing the timelessly peaceful right things.
  • As performers and in maintaining our performance, it becomes easier to stand by the vulnerability required in maintaining the betterment of who we are so we are a match for the task at hand. This improves our soul's story as wounds heal so our original beautiful self shines through our performance. As consciousness becomes clear of contaminants, toxins and entanglements, conscience becomes clear, and consequently the reason for coming into existence (ordained/ishvarapranidana) becomes clarified as the 'normal' for 'ordinary' living. This is also called 'self' improvement.

Said another way, this is a method of improving one's karma or bodily constitution formed through impressions from experiences of living. Through movement-less yoga, the material within is subsumed in lieu of a greater being within oneself (like a Russian Doll) who is wholesomer, abler, innocent/clean conscience and happier, like MITI BayBe {my Enterprise's Logo}. In the process of this, the material of a practitioner becomes nobler and like the greater being who is telescoped within the fabric and blueprint of one's own make. Again, this greater being is not outside the practitioner but is already present as potential and integratively/lovingly connected with the Whole, like a Russian Doll, like the beasts of sacred geometry, until a humane being comes to be the essential experience of what the opportunity is in being human.

This Work is, hence, arahatic yoga - yoga by respecting integratively through the realm of the unknown or unknowable - wherein outside-the-box is the missing part because of which the box is the way it is and continues to be so until that which is missing, who is the solution {prodigal son/sun?} comes home, and the problem is no more. This requires preparing the home ground for who has been MIA{missing in action} in civilising and bettering home ground. For an anchor to grasp this concept, here's one "that which is missing is absent by its presence or present by its absence." It is not much maybe, but it will help come to terms with at least this paragraph.)

This Course caters to the journey of a Beginner in this method of self-care.

This Course is lead by Bitha Sadanandan who originated this practice in the course of taking care of her health while clinically facilitating health for people. She has been researching and developing this ever since 2013, practising and teaching this to people of different age groups in clinical and interpersonal dynamic settings.

The Samudra Manthan and Green Tara are symbolic representations of what is possible from Nirbeeja Yoga®️ - an ecological truelove-based humane being who enlivens life by healing the fabric of time and space by the simple fact of having a body that is human - by 'being' human.

Our whole body is like a cell of the organism that is life on Earth and in the Universe. Like a heartcell that first began the heartbeat following which the heart pulsed blood enlivening the whole body of a fetus in the womb of a mother, when our body functions with the circadian rhythms of our tissues in synchrony, like an orchestra that has many instruments, the organism of life in the universe begins to awaken and function in synchrony in healthifying life in a wholesomizing manner. Circadian rhythms in our body through Nirbeeja Yoga®️ heal from traumatizing rhythms and come more in synchrony with the rhythms of life in Nature, and I happen to be the first person who got my circadian rhythms in sync with that of my complementary partner through my own body in a sort of ardhanareeshwar 1:1 partnership by truelove. I am now to teach this yoga to people so we each start functioning like a cell in the body of Life in sync with each of our own body so truelove healthifies and enlivens the fabric of time and space. We, each, matter in the schema of things that is life on Earth and in the Universe because human beings are n-dimensional beings. Awakening the 'be'ing in a human such that we function true to our n-dimensional nature that is part of the n-dimensions that is Nature on Earth and Universe requires a step-wise progressive awakening, else we tend to fight/flight/freeze like a person suddenly awoken from anesthesia or go into ballistic behaviors like a person high on stimulants. For a more healthier awakening into normal, nondisruptive, beautifuller ordinary humane living, a Montessori to advanced educative approach is adopted by MI School so we are more self-realized people humanely living on a conscious way-more-conscientious-than-we-know-conscience Earth.

For this endeavor, this Course is a Montessori in beginning into the how of this fundamentally movement-less method of yoga, which turns out to be an advanced form of yoga that could not come into existence before because we did not know how to heal our tissues and the fabric of time and space from within using nothing, including no muscle movement. Also men tended to square up and be masculine (invulnerable) and hence this method of yoga could not come into existence through the 'divine feminine' in the men, like I being a woman discovered this method of yoga as I healed my relationship with 'being a woman' as a natural whole of a person who is a complementary half of a whole man.

Nirbeeja Yoga®️ is about optimizing life so that our body is maintained healthily originally (virginally) fresh from within, like a tree or galaxy is maintained healthy by a fine balance between birth and death so our lives also can similarly 'walk' on the middleground between our differences. Let me explain further.

We have a life because we have a body from which to experience what has been called life. We have life animating our body but that is also from different sensations experienced by the body we have from which to live life. Our body occupies a certain space, which is a portion of the space of the room or a portion of the space that is part of Planet Earth. We tend to be in a 'good space' or sukha when the experience of living experienced by our body at a moment in time is pleasant and we tend to be in a 'bad space' or dukha when the experience of living experienced by our body at a moment in time is unpleasant. The pleasantness and unpleasantness may be from different agents present in our environment, but it is in our body that we experience the agent as pleasant or unpleasant based on past life experiences stored as impressions in our tissue-memories. Until those impressions transform, our lives may feel stuck in the wrinkles of time, forgotten by a god in the dark corners of what may seem like someone else's life. It is usually when stuck with unpleasant experiences or 'bad spaces' that our sense of time and space gets separate (dwaitha) and we keep trying to make ends meet to experience everlasting health, wealth and wisdom based on harmonizing truelove. It is kinda like how we would experience life in our house if we had our kitchen and restrooms with leftovers from previous days uncleaned while production continues; the production is likely to stall until the cleaning is sufficient so there is a balance between input and output, and life can be sufficiently healthy. Nirbeeja Yoga®️ does the balanced maintenance using no movement fundamentally or visualizations or sounds or using any thing or the constant presence of a partner to do even partner-practice, and then there is the whole world to move and interact and make further things happen after the fact of having a life that is awesome to live in alone by oneself to begin with. We are never alone as long as we are on Planet Earth, and that is an opportunity as well as with problems, like how Earth is the only odd one out amongst other celestial bodies in that Earth is an alive Planet while others are Work-in-progress.

Taking the example of Earth, yoga is a means to get space and time together in advaitha. Unlike hatha yoga, Nirbeeja Yoga®️ has a different yogic (not logic) because of which it helps heal time and space as experienced by our body so our body becomes the seamless fabric in which time and space are inseparable like truelove as the elixir of life. In terms of mythology, the samudran manthan would be an approximate representation of Nirbeeja Yoga®️, only there is no cutting off of Rahu and Ketu's head because of uneven distribution of truelove to sur and asur people who have equally participated in the churning of the Ocean of Inflammation in healing the fabric of time and space. Life then becomes not many compartments/departments to manage and call it a life we need to survive until we die but just one life to live that we are inspired to live for and have everybody and their grandparents be alive or come to life in making that LifeVision a wholesomizing reality! Technology, then, becomes our assistant in living a McLife we are inspired to create out of truelove cultured within the sheets of our skin.

This Course is the Montessori in what it takes to start seamlessly bringing our time and space together in truelove within the sheets of our skin so we don't have to move a muscle to experience yoga!

so we experience life like the true blessing from whosoever created our body the way it is so we can enliven Life!

As dramatic as it sounds, attempting Nirbeeja Yoga®️ without proper guidance from this Author, who is also the originator-founder of this method of yoga, is like Abhimanyu who listened to incomplete information from Krishna talking about this war tactic called Chakravyooha from his mother's womb, wherein Krishna only described going into Chakravyooha but not about how to come out of it. Abhimanyu then grows up learning the skills for war, goes into war and into the Chakravyooha equipped only with partial information and dies without knowing how to come out of it. Thats an allegory for the Kurukshetra that goes on inside a person's body from the churning within between the sur and asur (light and dark or conscious and shadow aspects of one's self) that forms the Chakravyooha that sucks a person into its vortex, like a python, and like the movie A Wrinkle In Time has a person be stuck in some fold in the fabric of time and space not knowing how to come out of it. Slow progressive advancement through stages of development is what works best in this method of yoga. 'Respect the Unknown' is a good statute to honor by several counts in this method of yoga.

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